Trimethylplatinum(IV) complexes of anionic N/O and O/O donor ligands: synthesis, NMR and fluxional behaviour

Heard, Peter J, Kite, Kenneth and Aliev, Abil E (1998) Trimethylplatinum(IV) complexes of anionic N/O and O/O donor ligands: synthesis, NMR and fluxional behaviour.


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Reaction of pentane-2,4-dione, pyridine-2-carboxylic acid or pyridine-2,6-dicarboxylic acid with trimethylplatinum(IV) gives dimeric complexes of general formulae fac-[PtMe₃L]₂, in which the ionised ligand acts in a chelating and a bridging fashion. High-resolution solid-state ¹⁹ ;Pt NMR data shows that the two platinum atoms are equivalent ; the chemical shielding anisotropy and the principal components of the shielding tensor are reported. The complexes are soluble in co-ordinating solvents, yielding monomeric species of general formulae fac-[PtMe₃L(solvent)], which are fluxional. The pyridine adducts, fac-[PtMe₃L(py)] (L = pentane-2,4-dionato or pyridine-2-carboxylato), are also stereochemically non-rigid. The energetics of the dynamic processes have been studied by standard ¹H NMR band shape analysis techniques ; ΔG ‡ (298 K) is in the range 69–86 kJ mol⁻¹. Solid-state ¹³C, and solution-state ¹³C and ¹⁹;Pt NMR data are also reported.

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Keywords: trimethylplatinum(IV), NMR, fluxionality
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