Interdisciplinary Research Unmasked: a new curatorial model for multi-audience engagement

Liggett, Susan and Corcoran, Mike (2018) Interdisciplinary Research Unmasked: a new curatorial model for multi-audience engagement. Studies in Visual Arts and Communication: An International Journal, 5 (1). ISSN 2393 - 1221

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This paper proposes a new curatorial model, presenting research as practice and combining publication with discussion and public exhibition, as a valuable tool in overcoming the communication challenges of contemporary interdisciplinary research, when the following criteria are met: 1. That the information to be communicated is technical and discipline specific. 2. That communication is between technical and non-technical multi-discipline audiences. 3. That high-level analysis of interdisciplinary opportunities is required. 4. That public and stakeholder engagement with interdisciplinary research is required. The proposed model is situated with respect to theoretical models of communication and assessed with respect to its application at Carbon Meets Silicon, curated by Liggett and Corcoran at Oriel Sycharth, Wales, UK as part of the International Technologies and Applications Conference 2017. Three of the works presented through Carbon Meets Silicon are examined with respect to their alignment to the model’s criteria, and performance against its intended outcomes. The paper suggests applications of the new curatorial model, and further research required to support its development.

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