Analysis of the effects on the pitching, rolling and yawing rate of a v-tail configured quadcopter

McClanahan, Christopher, Bolam, Robert, Vagapov, Yuriy and Anuchin, Alecksey (2019) Analysis of the effects on the pitching, rolling and yawing rate of a v-tail configured quadcopter. In: 25th Int. Workshop on Electric Drives: Optimization in Control of Electric Drives, 30 January – 2 February 2019, Moscow, Russia.

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Many different projects have been focused on multirotor aircraft, especially on quadcopters, but there are only a few papers relating to the dynamic effects on quadcopters with tilted motors. In this paper, a quadcopter has been modelled to allow flight simulation under differing motor tilt angle configurations. The simulation has also been validated by building a quadcopter of known physical attributes and with on-board instrumentation and telemetry to log its attitude and motor control inputs (PWM signals). The conversion from a PWM signal to the rpm was achieved by determining the relationship between the PWM signal and the thrust generated. Both of these parameters being recorded on a test bench. Thrust is calculated for each motor individually, since the angled motors generate different advance ratios and hence different thrust coefficients. The main focus of this research was on the effect of the different coefficients and the thrust components acting in the x-y plane of the quadcopter body frame.

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Keywords: drones unmanned aircraft system , quadcopter , V-tile configuration
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