Criteria of morphometric analysis of a daily load profile

Komenda, T, Komenda, N and Vagapov, Yuriy (2019) Criteria of morphometric analysis of a daily load profile. International Transactions on Electrical Energy Systems, 29 (5). ISSN 2050-7038

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Analysis of electrical loads is crucial for a proper operation and control of electrical energy sources and planning and design of electrical power systems in terms of optimum capacity of the electricity generation. A typical daily load profile significantly varies over the 24‐hour day and requires levelling actions which can be advised from the detailed analysis of the profile. This paper discusses the principles and implementation of morphometric analysis for a daily load profile evaluation using three criteria: roundness, compactness, and elongation. In order to conduct the morphometric analysis, the daily load profile represented as a time series has to be converted into a polygon of a particular form in a radar chart. The criteria for the profile analysis are based on geometrical interpretation of the shape of the polygon. The criterion roundness assesses the maximum and minimum loads of the profile and are related to the ratio of the inner circle of the polygon to the outer circle. The criterion compactness is based on the polygon perimeter and its inner area. The criterion elongation is defined as a relationship between the length of perpendicular to main axis of the polygon and the length of the main axis. The examples of the load profiles represented as a regular polygon and the case study have been used to demonstrate implementation of the analysis using the roundness, compactness, and elongation. It has been shown that the analysis using the morphometric criteria can be effectively applied for the detailed assessment of the load profiles.

Item Type: Article
Keywords: Compactness, daily load profile, elongation, morphometric analysis, roundness
Divisions: Applied Science, Computing and Engineering
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Date Deposited: 19 Jun 2019 11:04
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