Leaving the Armed Forces and Living as a Civilian: An Exploratory Study of Everyday Decision-Making

Lloyd-Jones, Nikki (2018) Leaving the Armed Forces and Living as a Civilian: An Exploratory Study of Everyday Decision-Making. [Report]

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Glyndwr University was funded by Forces in Mind Trust (FiMT) to conduct this exploratory study of identity and transition from the Armed Forces to civilian life. Using the premise of a link between identity and perspective this research reveals influences of a collective military identity/perspective on everyday accounts of decision-making. An enduring frame of r eference is identified that offers a rich context for understanding tensions and challenges experienced by those leaving the Armed Forces. The findings focus on five significant ar eas of decision-making: Moving forward, Putting down roots, Changing pace, Living the moment and Being a veteran. The report outlines the methods used which include in-depth interview to form a context of understanding some of the challenges experienced and online concept-mapping to provide a prioritised view of recommendations. A model of transition is proposed that requires a cultural shift within the civilian community to become more aware of and sensitive to tensions experienced by veterans in their approach to everyday decision-making. The report will have relevance to Local Authority policymakers, the NHS, Public Sector Service educators and Third Sector Support organisations. It will be of interest to civilians working in the field of veteran research and it will have r elevance to community workers supporting the delivery of the Armed Forces Covenant. Glyndwr University is a Higher Education Institute in North East Wales that aims to improve education for access to employment, as part of a widening participation agenda. It has made a commitment to review and implement recommendations made in this report as part of a curricula development initiative for preparing Nurses, Social Workers, Prison and Police, Teachers and Housing Officers. The research draws on the wide demography acr oss six Local Authorities of North Wales. It recruited participants using a range of strategies that were intended to raise the profile of the Local Authorities’ inter est in wanting to understand the needs of veterans in both rural and urban areas.

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Keywords: Veteran, Civilian transition, Armed Forces, Decision-making, Identity, Concept-Mapping, Social Research
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