Exploring the experiences of physiotherapy in North Wales for people with Multiple Sclerosis: informing service development and practice

Campbell, Leigh. A (2019) Exploring the experiences of physiotherapy in North Wales for people with Multiple Sclerosis: informing service development and practice. Doctoral thesis, Glyndwr University/University of Wales.

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Background: Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is one of the most prevalent neurological conditions affecting adults and physiotherapy is recommended for people with MS (PwMS) (National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE), 2018). The high prevalence and complex needs of this group of people often require significant physiotherapy, yet there is a paucity of research exploring experiences of physiotherapy for PwMS. Aim: To explore the experiences of physiotherapy for PwMS in North Wales to inform physiotherapy service development and practice. This will make an original contribution to research by exploring this under-researched area, providing insight and understanding for physiotherapists and other people involved in the care of PwMS which can lead to better informed, more empathetic practice (Cassidy et al., 2011) and service development. Design: Six PwMS were interviewed. Interview transcripts were analysed and interpreted using interpretive phenomenological analysis (IPA) methodology. Themes were developed, explored and considered alongside relevant research to situate and contextualise this research. Findings: Three main themes emerged. There was an over-arching theme of sense of self in relation to experience of physiotherapy; sense of self was affected by most aspects of physiotherapy, from practical aspects of service delivery, to more nuanced aspects such as the context in which exercise was situated. Embodied experience of physiotherapy explored the lived experience of physiotherapy, including what physiotherapy meant to these PwMS regarding self-management, person centred care and communication as examples. Embodied experience of living with MS was intrinsic to each participant’s experience of physiotherapy and included aspects such as the emotional and physical effects of living with MS. viii Recommendations: Increased awareness regarding highlighted aspects of the lived experience of physiotherapy and the significant impact physiotherapy can have on sense of self for PwMS, would help improve, enrich and individualise experience of physiotherapy in its’ broadest sense. This research increases insight and awareness regarding the lived experience, thoughts, feelings and perceptions of PwMS regarding physiotherapy which can lead to more sensitive, informed, empathetic and contextualised physiotherapy for this population. This research has found the experiences of physiotherapy for PwMS are inextricably linked and inter-dependent with sense of self, a concept further explored within this research.

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