Creativity in Art, Design and Technology

Liggett, Susan, Earnshaw, R.A and Townley, Jill (2023) Creativity in Art, Design and Technology. Springer Link, New York. ISBN 978-3-031-24869-6

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Human creators are capable of great feats of imagination and inventive-ness. History and tradition testify to the masterpieces that have been produced over the centuries. Most of these have been created in human time with the tools that were available. The current digital revolution is providing a new set of tools and environ-ments that creators can use, but this does raise issues such as to how best to preserve traditions and esthetic values that have been built up over many generations. Tech-nology can provide both continuity and discontinuity which has both opportunities and challenges. A number of the factors influencing creativity are summarized, and suggestions made for evaluating the outcomes of the creative process. Mixed inter-disciplinary environments offer opportunities for the production of creative works. The rise of commercial art for the Internet and interactive gaming is noted.

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Keywords: Iterative refinement ·Interdisciplinary ·Multicultural ·Creative augmentation ·Digital revolution ·Benchmarking
Divisions: Creative Arts
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