QoS Analysis Models for Wireless Networks

Liao, Ruizhi, Tu, Wanqing, Excell, Peter S and Grout, Vic (2009) QoS Analysis Models for Wireless Networks. In: UNSPECIFIED.


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Guaranteeing of QoS over wireless networks is a very challenging task. The first and critical step in addressing this problem is to build up a QoS analysis model which accurately characterizes the fading channel and time-varying capacity of the link, by quantifying parameters like Bit Error Rate (BER) or delay to protocols of higher layers. This paper presents a study of QoS models from a physical and data link layer point of view, more specifically, we introduce the Finite State Markov Chain (FSMC) model for fading channels at the physical layer and the Effective Capacity (EC) model at the data link layer. The FSMC can provide us with a quick estimate of current channel conditions like BER, while it is very hard using the physical channel model to get parameters like delay which needs an analysis of queueing behaviors; for that reason, a link-layer model – EC which provides a statistical QoS model on the unacceptable delay performance (i.e., the probability of delay exceeds a bound) is then studied. The characteristics, advantages and disadvantages of these two models will be studied and compared in this paper.

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Additional Information: This paper was presented at the Fifth Collaborative Research Symposium on Security, E-Learning, Internet and Networking (SEIN 2009), 26-27 November 2009, which was held in Darmstadt, Germany. It was published by the University of Plymouth and the symposium proceedings are available at http://www.cisnr.org/default.asp?page=sein09
Keywords: QoS analysis model, finite state Markov Chain, effective capacity, fading wireless channels
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