An Investigation into Signal Strength of 802.11n WLAN

Ogunjemilua, Kemisola, Davies, John N, Picking, Rich and Grout, Vic (2009) An Investigation into Signal Strength of 802.11n WLAN. In: UNSPECIFIED.


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With the continual improvement in IEEE 802.11 standards wireless networks are being deployed in ever increasing numbers. As technology advances the data rates and coverage of Wi-Fi increases and so the usage for different high bandwidth requirement applications increases. These enhancements to the technology do provide network design engineers with some significant problems when designing the network infrastructure. Prior to the installation of Access Points it is difficult to predict whether access can be guaranteed at specific locations. Additionally, to increase the level of security, it is often preferable, despite the use of security protocols, to ensure that the signal strength is not large enough to enable connection in areas other than those designated. Experience with existing equipment may not be sufficient to ensure a secure design. It is shown that it is likely that equipment built to the anticipated IEEE 802.11n specification that uses MIMO provide a far more complex situation than equipment designed to previous standards. By combining the theory of antennae and the measurement of the performance of equipment built to the IEEE 802.11n draft, it is possible to create a mathematical model that can predict the network coverage which should be extendable to the new standard. Additionally it is argued that due to the backward compatibility of equipment then the increased data rates are not going to be realised until the all intended clients have been upgraded.

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Additional Information: This paper was presented at the Fifth Collaborative Research Symposium on Security, E-Learning, Internet and Networking (SEIN 2009), 26-27 November 2009, which was held in Darmstadt, Germany. It was published by the University of Plymouth and the symposium proceedings are available at
Keywords: Wireless networks, Wi-Fi, Signal strength, Prediction of signals, IEEE802.11n
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