Large Eddy Simulation (LES) of Glass Fibre Dispersion in an Internally Spout-Fluidised Bed for Thermoplastic Composite Processing

Yang, Xiaogang, Huang, Xiaobing, Zong, Yuan and Dai, Grance (2012) Large Eddy Simulation (LES) of Glass Fibre Dispersion in an Internally Spout-Fluidised Bed for Thermoplastic Composite Processing. In: UNSPECIFIED.


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Large eddy simulation (LES) has been conducted to investigate glass fibre dispersion in an internally spout-fluidised bed with draft tube and disk-baffle, which was used in the manufacture of long glass fibre reinforced thermoplastic composites. The LES results have demonstrated that the internally spout-fluidised bed with draft tube and disk-baffle can remarkably improve its hydrody-namic behaviour, which can effectively disperse fibre bundles and promote pre-impregnation with resin powder in manufacturing fibre reinforced thermoplastics. The hydrodynamics of the spout-fluidised bed has been investigated and reported in a previous paper (Hosseini et al., 2009). This study attempts to reveal important features of fibre dispersion and correlations between the fibre disper-sion and the characteristics of turbulence in the internally spout-fluidised bed using the LES modelling, focusing on the likely hydro-dynamic impact on fibre dispersion. The simulation has clearly indicated that there exists a strong interaction between the turbulent shear flow and transported fibres in the spout-fluidised bed. Fibre entrainment is strongly correlated with the local vorticity distribu-tion. The dispersion of fibres was modelled by a species transport equation in the LES simulation. The turbulent kinetic energy, Rey-nolds stress and strain rate were obtained by statistical analysis of the LES results. The LES results also clearly show that addition of the internals in the spout-fluidised bed can significantly change the turbulent flow features and local vorticity distribution, enhancing the capacity and efficiency of fibre flocs dispersion.

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Keywords: Spout-fluidised bed, Fibre flocs, Dispersion, Turbulent flow, LES
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