Development of a microwave calorimeter for simultaneous thermal analysis,

Nesbitt, Alan, Navabpour, P, Degamber, B, Nightingale, C, Fernando, G and Day, Richard (2004) Development of a microwave calorimeter for simultaneous thermal analysis,.


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An instrument has been developed for monitoring cure processes under microwave heating conditions. The main function of the instrument was a calorimeter for performing microwave thermal analysis. A single model resonant cavity was used as the heating cell in the microwave calorimeter. Thermal analysis measurements were obtained by monitoring the variation in the microwave power that was required to maintain controlled heating of the sample. The microwave thermal analysis data were analogous to conventional differential scanning calorimetry measurements. The dielectric properties of the sample, as a function of the extent of cure, have been obtained using perturbation theory from the changes in resonant frequency and quality factor of the microwave cavity during heating. Additionally, remote sensing fibre-optic probes have been employed to measure real time in situ infrared spectra of the sample during the cure reaction. In this paper, we describe the design and operation of the microwave calorimeter. Examples of experimental results are also presented.

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Keywords: microwave, calorimeter, calorimetry, dielectric properties, infrared spectroscopy, thermal analysis
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