The production of advanced fine-grained alumina by carbon nanotube addition

Inam, Fawad, Peijs, Ton and Reece, Michael J (2011) The production of advanced fine-grained alumina by carbon nanotube addition.


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Alumina and alumina+1vol.% carbon nanotube (CNT) composites were fully densified by spark plasma sintering. Post-sintering heat treatments (1300–1500 ◦C) were performed to completely oxidize CNTs and then densify the remaining 1 vol.% to produce fine-grained ceramics. The grain size and Vickers hardness of the heat-treated composites were compared with the monolithic alumina sintered without CNT addition. Compared to the initial powder particle size of alumina (D50: 356±74 nm), minimal grain growth (∼450 nm) was observed for the fully dense heat-treated composites. A 25% improvement in Vickers hardness and >10 times finer average grain size were observed for alumina produced by the heat treatment (1300 ◦C) of alumina+1vol.% CNT composite, compared to alumina sintered without CNTs.

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Keywords: SPS/FAST, Sintering, Grain growth, Grain size, Alumina, Carbon nanotubes, Hardness, Nanocomposite
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