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Al-Assaf, S, Navaratnamb, S, Parsonsc, B J and Phillips, G O (2006) Chain scission of hyaluronan by carbonate and dichloride radical anions: Potential reactive oxidative species in inflammation?

Buchanan, Julian (2006) Understanding Problematic Drug Use: A Medical Matter or a Social Issue?

Casella, V, Acqua, F, Gamba, P, Wilkinson, Graeme G and al, et (2006) HySenS data exploitation for urban land cover analysis.

Cruise, S M, Lewis, Christopher A and Mc Guckin, C (2006) Internal consistency, reliability, and temporal stability of the oxford happiness questionnaire short-form: test-retest data over two weeks.

Cunningham, Stuart and Grout, Vic (2006) Complexity Issues in Control Software Design: A practical perspective. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Delgado, Armando Roy, Picking, Rich and Grout, Vic (2006) Remote-Controlled Home Automation Systems with Different Network Technologies. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Excell, Peter S, Abd-Alhameed, R A and Vaul, John A (2006) Currents induced on wired I.T. networks by randomly distributed mobile phones – a computational study.

Francis, L J, Lewis, Christopher A and Ziebertz, H (2006) The short-form revised Eysenck personality Questionnaire (EPQ-S): A German edition.

Francis, L J, Robbins, M, Barnes, L P and Lewis, Christopher A (2006) Religiously Affiliated Schools in Northern Ireland: The Persistence of Denominational Differences in Pupils' Religious And Moral Values.

Francis, L J, Robbins, M, Barnes, L P and Lewis, Christopher A (2006) Sixth form religion in Northern Ireland: the Protestant profile 1968–1998.

Grout, Vic, Davies, John and McGinn, John (2006) Real-time optimisation of access control lists for efficient internet packet filtering.

Grout, Vic, McGinn, John, Davies, John N, Picking, Rich and Cunningham, Stuart (2006) Rule Dependencies in Access Control Lists. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Grout, Vic and Picking, Rich (2006) Realistic Large-Scale Network Optimisation. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Houlden, Nigel, Grout, Vic, McGinn, John and Davies, John N (2006) Extended end-to-end cost metrics for improved dynamic route calculation. In: 6th International Network Conference, 11-14 July 2006, University of Plymouth.

Katawaluwa, M, Zhang, H, Vagapov, Yuriy and Evans, J (2006) Simulation of Wind Heat Generator. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Kay, William K (2006) Apostolic Networks and Mission.

Kay, William K (2006) Philosophical approaches to the teaching of religion in schools. In: UNSPECIFIED Glyndŵr University Research Online.

Kay, William K and Ziebert, H G (2006) A nine country survey of youth in Europe: selected findings and issues.

Lewis, Christopher A and Cruise, S M (2006) Religion and happiness: Consensus, contradictions,comments and concerns.

Lewis, Christopher A, Cruise, S M, McGuckin, C and Francis, L J (2006) Temporal stability of the Francis Scale of Attitude Toward Christianity among 9- to 11-year-old English children: Test-retest data over six weeks.

Linford, Roger and Schlindwein, Walkiria (2006) Medical Applications of Solid State Ionics.

Madoc-Jones, Iolo, Bates, J, Facer, B and Roscoe, K (2006) Students with Criminal Convictions: Policies and Practices in Social Work Education.

McGuckin, C, Cruise, S M and Lewis, Christopher A (2006) Temporal stability of the Francis Scale of Attitude toward Christianity: Test-retest data over five weeks.

Mcilfatrick, S, Sullivan, K A and McKenna, H (2006) Nursing the clinic vs. nursing the patient: nurses' experience of a day hospital chemotherapy service.

Mclifatrick, S, Sullivan, K A and McKenna, H (2006) What about the carers?: Exploring the experience of caregivers in a chemotherapy day hospital setting.

Mcllfatrick, S, Sullivan, K A and McKenna, H (2006) Exploring the ethical issues of the research interview in the cancer context.

Morgan, Mike J and Grout, Vic (2006) Optimisation Techniques for Wireless Networks. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Morgan, Mike J and Grout, Vic (2006) Spanning Tree Objective Functions and Algorithms for Wireless Networks. In: UNSPECIFIED.

Mulawa, Max, Picking, Rich and Grout, Vic (2006) Defining Development Standards for Reusable User Interface Components.

Navabpour, Parnia, Nesbitt, Alan, Degamber, B, Fernando, G, Mann, Tim and Day, Richard (2006) Comparison of the Curing Kinetics of the RTM6 Epoxy Resin System Using Differential Scanning Calorimetry and a Microwave-Heated Calorimeter.

Parrot, L, Buchanan, Julian and Williams, D (2006) Volunteers, Families and Children in Need: An Evaluation of Family Friends.

Perraton Mountford, Clive (2006) Dr Rogers and the Rebellious Right Arm.

Perraton Mountford, Clive (2006) Dr. Rogers and The Moral Umbrella.

Perraton Mountford, Clive (2006) Open-Centred Ecosophy Or How to Do Environmentally Interesting Things with Dr Rogers’s Therapeutic Conditions.

Perraton Mountford, Clive (2006) An “open–centered” recipe for relationship?

Pike, Joanne, Kerr, Henriette and Carnwell, R (2006) An action research study of the development of a Competency Framework in the context of district nursing. [Report]

Shepley, Alec and McClenaghen, John (2006) Seeing Walls Exhibition. [Show/Exhibition]

Wallace, Mark, Attwood, David, Day, Richard and Heatley, Frank (2006) Investigation of the microwave curing of the PR500 epoxy resin system.

Wilkinson, Graeme G and Davies, I. C. (2006) Crop yield prediction using multipolarization radar and multitemporal visible / infrared imagery. Glyndŵr University Research Online.

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