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Akinsolu, Mobayode O., Liu, Bo, Lazaridis, Pavlos I., Mistry, Keyur K., Mognaschi, Maria Evelina and Barba, Paolo D. (2020) Efficient Design Optimization of High-Performance MEMS Based on a Surrogate-Assisted Self-Adaptive Differential Evolution. IEEE Access, 8. pp. 80256-80268. ISSN 2169-3536

Alam Siddiquee, Kazy Noor E, Islam, Md. Shabiul, Dowla, Mohammad Yasin Ud, Rezaul, Karim Mohammed and Grout, Vic (2020) Detection, Quantification and Classification of Ripened Tomatoes: A Comparative Analysis of Image Processing and Machine Learning. IET Image Processing. ISSN 1751-9667 (In Press)

Anuchin, Alecksey, Podzorova, Valentina, Popova, Viktoriya, Gulyaev, Igor, Briz, Fernando and Vagapov, Yuriy (2020) Model predictive torque control of a switched reluctance drive with heat dissipation balancing in a power converter. In: 60th IEEE Int. Sci. Conf. on Power and Electrical Engineering, 7-9 Oct. 2019, Riga Technical University, Riga, Latvia.

Asghar, Muhammad A, Lupin, Sergey, Shoaib, Sultan and Excell, Peter S (2020) Design and Analysis of Compact Antenna for 5G Communication Devices. In: 2020 IEEE Conference of Russian Young Researchers in Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EIConRus), 27-30 Jan. 2020, Moscow, Russia.


Bedacht, Dominik, Buennagel, Christian, Monir, Shafiul, Uria, Ikeya, Vagapov, Yuriy and Anuchin, Alecksey (2020) Numerical investigation and static structural analysis of deep groove ball bearings using ANSYS FEA. In: 27th Int. Workshop on Electric Drives, 27-30 Jan 2020, Moscow, Russia.

Bruckbauer, Alexander and Grout, Vic (2020) Artificial intelligence and machine learning for efficient minefield clearance. [Report]


Chen, Ruiyun, Ratcliffe, Ian, Williams, Peter A, Luo, Shunjing, Chen, Jun and Liu, Chengmei (2020) The influence of pH and monovalent ions on the gelation of pectin from the fruit seeds of the creeping fig plant. Food Hydrocolloids, 111 (106219). ISSN 0268-005X


Danjuma, Isah Musa, Akinsolu, Mobayode O., See, Chan Hwang, Abd-Alhameed, Raed. A and Liu, Bo (2020) Design and Optimization of a Slotted Monopole Antenna for Ultra-Wide Band Body Centric Imaging Applications. IEEE Journal of Electromagnetics, RF and Microwaves in Medicine and Biology, 4 (2). pp. 140-147. ISSN 2469-7257


Garashchenko, Anton V., Gagarina, Larisa G., Kyaw Zaw Ye, Dorogova, Ekaterina and Kochneva, Maria (2020) Development of an approach to automatic test generation based on the graph model of a cache hierarchy. In: 2020 IEEE Conf. of Russian Young Researchers in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, 27-30 Jan. 2020, Moscow, Russia.


Han, Lingyu, Hu, Bing, Ratcliffe, Ian, Senan, Chandra, Yang, Jixin and Williams, Peter A (2020) Octenyl-succinylated inulin for the encapsulation and release of hydrophobic compounds. Carbohydrate Polymers, 238 (116199). ISSN 0144-8617

Hansen, Marcus, Fyall, Alan and Spyriadis, Thanasis (2020) Adventure or amusement? Image and identity challenges for the aerial adventure industry and implications for positioning and policy. Anatolia. ISSN 1303-2917


Ibrahim, Godar J., Rashid, Tarik A. and Akinsolu, Mobayode O. (2020) An Energy Efficient Service Composition Mechanism Using a Hybrid Meta-heuristic Algorithm in a Mobile Cloud Environment. Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing, 143. pp. 77-87. ISSN 0743-7315


McMillan, A.J. and Jones, Rhys (2020) Combined effect of both surface finish and sub-surface porosity on component strength under repeated load conditions. Engineering Reports. ISSN 2577-8196 (In Press)

McMillan, A.J. and Jones, Rhys (2020) Implications of surface finish and sub-surface porosity on component life prediction. Engineering Reports. ISSN 2577-8196

Monir, Shafiul, Kartopu, Giray, Barrioz, Vincent, Lamb, Dan, Irvine, Stuart, Yang, Xiaogang and Vagapov, Yuriy (2020) Thin CdTe layers deposited by a chamberless inline process using MOCVD, simulation and experiment. Applied Science, 10 (5). ISSN 2076-3417

Mueller, Andre, Buennagel, Christian, Monir, Shafiul, Sharp, Andrew, Vagapov, Yuriy and Anuchin, Alecksey (2020) Numerical design and optimisation of a novel heatsink using ANSYS steady-state thermal analysis. In: 27th International Workshop on Electric Drives, 27-30 January 2020, Moscow, Russia.


Nuhiji, Betime, Bower, Matthew P, Swait, Timothy, Phadnis, Vaibhav, Day, Richard and Scaife, Richard J (2020) Simulation of carbon fibre composites in an industrial microwave. Materials Today: Proceedings. ISSN 2214-7853

Nwokocha, Louis M and Williams, Peter A (2020) Characterization of the polysaccharide from cola millenii seeds. International Journal of Biological Macromolecules, 161. pp. 643-647. ISSN 0141-8130


Petkowicz, Carmen L.O and Williams, Peter A (2020) Pectins from food waste: Characterization and functional properties of a pectin extracted from broccoli stalk. Food Hydrocolloids. ISSN 0268-005X

Pike, Joanne, Picking, Rich and Cunningham, Stuart (2020) Robot companion cats for people at home with dementia: a qualitative case study on companotics. Dementia. ISSN 1471-3012


Sanchez, Quentin, Jones, Martyn, Monir, Shafiul, Vagapov, Yuriy and Lupin junior, Sergey (2020) Evaluation of methodology for the carbon fibre recycling. In: 2020 IEEE NW Russia Young Researchers in Electrical and Electronic Engineering Conference, 27-30 January 2020, Moscow, Russia.

Sangodoyin, Abimbola O., Akinsolu, Mobayode O. and Awan, Irfan (2020) A Deductive Approach for the Sensitivity Analysis of Software Defined Network Parameters. Simulation Modelling Practice and Theory, 103. pp. 102099-102114. ISSN 1569-190X

Skvortsova, Maria, Terekhov, Valery, Proletarsky, Andrey and Skvortsov, Vadim (2020) Visualization of integrated indicators of information risk in decision support systems. In: 2020 IEEE Conf. of Russian Young Researchers in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, 27-30 Jan. 2020, Moscow, Russia.

Stuart, Cunningham, Harrison, Ridley, Jonathan, Weinel and Rich, Picking (2020) Supervised machine learning for audio emotion recognition. Personal and Ubiquitous Computing. ISSN 1617-4909


Veligorskyi, Oleksandr, Khomenko, Maksym, Chakirov, Roustiam and Vagapov, Yuriy (2020) Variable structure controller for plastic injection moulding system. In: IEEE Int. Conf. on Industrial Technology (ICIT-2020), 26-28 Feb. 2020, Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Waqas, Ahmed, Hasan, Shams-ul, Shoaib, Sultan, Houlden, Nigel and Nestiurkina, Mariia (2020) A writing aid for dysgraphia affected people. In: 2020 IEEE NW Russia Young Researchers in Electrical and Electronic Engineering Conference, 27-30 January 2020, Moscow, Russia.

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