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Akinsolu, Mobayode O. and Ziribi, Khalil (2023) A Generalized Framework for Adopting Regression-Based Predictive Modeling in Manufacturing Environments. Inventions, 8 (1). pp. 1-32. ISSN 2411-5134

Cade, Elizabeth E (2023) A propensity to thrive: Understanding individual difference, resilience and entrepreneurship in developing competence and professional identity. British journal of occupational therapy. ISSN 1477-6006

Can, Nurettin, Muhyaddin, Sanar, Arabaci, Ahmet, Koncak, Ibrahim and Keles, Ibrahim (2023) Rethinking China: Perceptions from Africa. A survey of Nigeria University students. Journal of Eastern European and Central Asian Research (JEECAR), 10 (5). ISSN 2328-8280

Cotton, Martine and McCaddon, Andrew (2023) Examining the Diagnosis and Treatment Experiences of People Living With Autoimmune Gastritis and Pernicious Anemia. Journal of Patient Experience, 2023 (10). ISSN 2374-3743

Han, Lingyu, Zhai, Ruiyi, Hu, Bing, Yang, Jixin, Li, Yaoyao, Xu, Zhe, Meng, Yueyue and Li, Tingting (2023) Effects of Octenyl-Succinylated Chitosan—Whey Protein Isolated on Emulsion Properties, Astaxanthin Solubility, Stability, and Bioaccessibility. Foods, 12 (15). ISSN 2304-8158

Hildreth, Paul and Hinfelaar, Maria (2023) Place-making in the Mersey Dee before and after Brexit and COVID-19 disruption: A typology of companies and their engagement with their localities and key actors. Local Economy: The Journal of the Local Economy Policy Unit. ISSN 2158-2440

Hughes, Jane, Livingston, Wulf, Buykx, Penny, Johnston, Allan, Little, Simon, McCarthy, Trevor, McLean, Alex, Perkins, Andy, Wright, Alex and Holmes, John (2023) Views on minimum unit pricing for alcohol before its introduction among people with alcohol dependence in Scotland: A qualitative interview study. Drug and Alcohol Review, 42 (6). pp. 1338-1348. ISSN 1465-3362

Livingston, Wulf, Holloway, Katy, Buhociu, Marian and Perkins, Andy (2023) Assessing the early influence of COVID-19 in an analysis of the immediate implementation of Minimum Pricing for Alcohol on drinkers in Wales. Nordic Studies on Alcohol and Drugs. ISSN 1455-0725

Livingston, Wulf, Holmes, John, Hughes, Jane, Buykx, Penny, Perkins, Andrew, Wright, Alex, Johnston, Allan and MacLean, Alex (2023) Expected and actual responses to minimum unit pricing (MUP) for alcohol of people drinking at harmful levels in Scotland. Drugs: Education, Prevention and Policy. ISSN 1465-3370

Losty, Ciara and Sreenivas, Shubha (2023) Jump Girls-Female Jockey's Unique Stressors and Coping Strategies. European Journal of Sport Sciences, 2 (4). pp. 20-28. ISSN 2796-0048

McCaddon, Andrew, Carr, Daniel F., Hudson, Peter, Moat, Stuart and Quadros, Edward V. (2023) Transcobalamin receptor gene polymorphisms and mutation in an elderly population. Clinical Nutrition ESPEN, 55. pp. 425-427. ISSN 2405-4577

Muhyaddin, Sanar (2023) Agriculture through Industry 4.0: Management, Challenges, and Opportunities in Hostile Environment: The Case of Iraq. Engineering Proceedings, 40 (1). p. 27. ISSN 2673-4591

Neale, Joanne, Cairns, Beth, Gardiner, Kevin, Livingston, Wulf, McCarthy, Trevor and Perkins, Andy (2023) Waiting for inpatient detoxification: a qualitative analysis of patient experiences. Waiting for inpatient detoxification: a qualitative analysis of patient experiences, 123 (104291).

O'Donnell, Justine, White, Chris and Dobbin, Nick (2023) Perspectives on relative energy deficiency in sport (RED-S): A qualitative case study of athletes, coaches and medical professionals from a super league netball club. PLoS ONE, 18 (5). ISSN 1932-6203

Shepley, Alec, Liggett, Susan and Simpson, Tracy (2023) Cultural contouring: how visual arts practice can serve as a catalyst for social resilience in the North Wales Uplands. The International Journal of Social, Political and Community Agendas in the Arts, 18 (2). ISSN 2327-2104

Tynan, Paige (2023) Unveiling decomposition dynamics: leveraging 3D models for advanced forensic analysis. International Journal of Legal Medicine. ISSN 1437-1596

Wang, Hongyan, Zhang, Jiukai, Han, Lingyu, Cao, Jijuan, Yang, Jixin, Zhang, Ying and Hu, Bing (2023) Calcium ion regulation of sodium alginate in pure buckwheat noodles shown by in vitro simulated digestion. Frontiers in Nutrition, 9 (110587). ISSN 2296-861X

Yang, Yisu, Han, Lingyu, Cao, Jijuan, Yang, Xi, Hu, Chuhuan, Yang, Jixin, Zheng, Qiuyue, Zhang, Xiaobo and Hu, Bing (2023) Preparation and characterization of gliadin-based core-shell microcapsules by three antisolvent approaches. LWT - Food Science and Technology, 191 (115635). ISSN 0023-6438

ap Sion, Tomos G., Formby, Lisa, Horder, Sue and Jones, Karen R. (2023) Integrating research & practice in schools: an emerging collaborative framework within Welsh education. Research Intelligence (155). p. 17.

Book Section

Achilleos, Jess (2023) Using Radical Pedagogy to Promote Social Justice in Higher Education. In: Social Justice in Multicultural Settings. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, Newcastle upon Tyne, pp. 176-194. ISBN 1-5275-1269-X

Longden, Gareth and Robbins, M (2023) The Psychological Type Profile of Humanists UK: Not Just the Mirror Image of Believers. In: Research in the Social Scientific Study of Religion. Brill, Leiden, pp. 65-89. ISBN 978-90-04-54456-7

Versey, Tim, Vaile, Sarah, Deakin, James and Livingston, Wulf (2023) Peer-led Alcohol and Drug Services. In: Social Work in Wales. Bristol University Press, Bristol, pp. 137-148. ISBN 978-1447367192


Buhociu, Marian, Holloway, Katy, May, Tom, Livingston, Wulf and Perkins, Andy (2023) Assessing the Impact of Minimum Pricing for Alcohol on the Wider Population of Drinkers – Interim Findings. [Report]

Conn, Carmel, Formby, Lisa, Greenway, Charlotte, Knight, Cathryn and Thomas, David V. (2023) Grouping Practices for Learning Support. [Report]

French, Graham, Parry, David, Jones, Cath, McQueen, Robyn, Boulton, Pavla, Horder, Sue, Rhys-Jones, Karen, Formby, Lisa, Sheriff, Lisa and Sheen, Liz (2023) Teaching and learning in the outdoors: the current state of outdoor learning in schools in Wales. [Report]

Livingston, Wulf, Madoc-Jones, Iolo, Holloway, Katy, Perkins, Andy, Buhociu, Marian and Murray, R (2023) 24-Month Review of the Introduction of Minimum Pricing for Alcohol in Wales: Summary. [Report]

Livingston, Wulf, Madoc-Jones, Iolo, Holloway, Katy, Perkins, Andy, Buhociu, Marian and Murray, R (2023) 24-month Review of the Introduction of Minimum Pricing for Alcohol in Wales. [Report]

Livingston, Wulf, Madoc-Jones, Iolo, Perkins, Andy, Holloway, Katy, Buhociu, Marian and Murray, R (2023) 24-month Review of the Introduction of Minimum Pricing for Alcohol in Wales: Appendices. [Report]

Perkins, Andy, Livingston, Wulf, Cairns, Beth, Dumbrell, Josh, Holloway, Katy, Buhociu, Marian, Murray, Shannon and Madoc-Jones, Iolo (2023) Assessing the Experiences and Impact of Minimum Pricing for Alcohol on Service Users and Service Providers: Interim Findings. [Report]

Conference or Workshop Item

Belloc, Cedric, Chakirov, Roustiam, Vagapov, Yuriy and Monir, Shafiul (2023) Conversion of Conventional Switching Mode Power Supply into a Photovoltaic Array Emulator. In: 3rd IEEE Int. Power and Renewable Energy Conference IPRECON-2022, 16-18 Dec. 2022, Kollam, India.

Bolam, Robert, Roque, Jhon Paul, Vagapov, Yuriy, Day, Richard and Slepchenkov, Mikhail (2023) A power budget analysis of an electrical uncrewed air vehicle (UAV) flying a basic mission profile. In: 58th IEEE Int. Universities Power Engineering Conference UPEC-2023, 29 Aug - 1 Sept. 2023, Dublin, Ireland.

Durieux, Olivier, Day, Richard and Vagapov, Yuriy (2023) A Test Rig for the Calibration of Strain Sensing Carbon Fibre. In: 3rd Int. Conf. on Communication, Computing and Industry 4.0, 15-16 Dec. 2022, Bangalore, India.

Samad, Abdul, Zahid, Muhammad, Sultan, Ayesha, Amin, Yasar and Shoaib, Sultan (2023) 5 × 5 MIMO Antennas for Future 5G mm-Wave Communication. In: 2023 International Multi-disciplinary Conference in Emerging Research Trends (IMCERT), 4-5 January 2023, Karachi, Pakistan.

Sharp, Andrew, Monir, Shafiul, Day, Richard, Vagapov, Yuriy and Dianov, Anton (2023) A test rig for thermal analysis of heat sinks for power electronic applications. In: IEEE East-West Design and Test Symposium EWDTS 2023, 22-25 Sept. 2023, Batumi, Georgia.


Liggett, Susan, Earnshaw, R.A and Townley, Jill (2023) Creativity in Art, Design and Technology. Springer Link, New York. ISBN 978-3-031-24869-6

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